About Inventors Educare

Inventors Education Private Limited was established in 2020 in Patna. Inventors Education has two segments, Inventor Educare and Inventors Genome . Inventors Educare for IIT-JEE and Inventors Genome for NEET. We provide best coaching classes for JEE Mains & JEE advance, NEET entrance exam by expert faculty. We also offer Pre-foundation courses for students of class IX & X for initial phase of preparation that aims at building foundation for JEE( MAIN & ADVANCED), NEET Exams. We are recognised as a institute having proven faculty team of coaching industries.

Started over a year ago as a classroom training center in Patna, Inventors Education set itself apart almost immediately as an organisation with commitment. At that time most of the institutes were shutting their operations and ousting their employees due to Covid – 19 lockdown, Inventors was taking shape and manpower acquiring was on the peak.


We had the best team in teaching, the best team in Operations, the best team in marketing, the best team in administration & overall the Best team for student support. Right from day one, Inventors Education stood for excellence, sincerity and an unswerving dedication to the needs of the students. We devised a unique system of serving students in the lock down ; our two – way interactive learning through Inventors Education APP was a boon for students staying at home.

We were the first institute to understand the need of the students and provided instant solution. After some intensive research, Inventors Education developed carefully programmed Courses that could prepare students even in the remotest corners of the state for JEE / NEET . Our Classroom centers brought with it the unmatched advantage : massive organizational strength , an incomparable caring for student needs, and dedication to excellence. The impact was instant. The response was encouraging. The brightest of IIT / NEET aspirants and the most demanding parents cast their lot with Inventors Education .

Our Classroom Centers are a class apart, offering superlative inputs to students. With the introduction of a more sophisticated training methodology, more student – teacher interaction and better facilities with a keen focus on student convenience, our Classroom Centers of excellence are redefining classroom training and leading the way to JEE / NEET.

Our Vision

To provide such education to the students, which will give them success in physical, mental and social aspects of their life and they remain optimistic throughout their life.To provide such education to the students, which not only makes their parents proud but also the whole society and nation. Providing education that makes a student a better person/human-being.

Our Mission

Building an education center in Patna where students across the nation receive the best teachers with the best management, leading each student to his / her victory.Creating an aura in which students will experience positivity and personal care, which will help students to excel in competitive exams, board exams, and achieve their career goals.


We Believe

Every child is born intelligent and has unlimited potential.

We Understand

Every child has different cultural upbringing,different thoughts, framework and different ability to stretch.

We Consider

Every child is unique and give them ample chance and motivation to develop the understanding of the subject and excel in life.

We Strive

To develop a program; think about its implementation and hurdles and finally device its execution policy.

We Care

Details of the process of the making a program and executing it.

We Devote

A lot of time in motivating the students in the right direction, so that they strive to achieve big results in life.