INVENTORS Success Formula

Dear student,
A mighty river and Inventors Education share a common chord!!! Both start with a humble beginning and go through a meandering course till they reach their destinations. Last year Inventors Education started with a humble beginning, struggled the hard way to earn the status as the foremost JEE I NEET Coaching center in Bihar. It has been a herculean task to cater to the varying demands of a nation on the upsurge and the ambitions of the youth eager to make a mark in life. Inventors Education sought to reflect the spirit of the times.

In fact, Inventors Education has not left a single area untouched in moulding the personality of the youth. Apart from honing the skills or intellect of young minds Inventors Education has been instrumental in making them confident human beings. We have made sustained efforts to promote confidence building coupled with sharpening the intellect of the youth. The man who is a prey to fear, jealousy, greed or any other negative stimuli will end up as a failure even if he is intellectually sound. A wholesome personality is required -to accept the challenges of life and go on unperturbed by setbacks or successes in life. In doing so, we are encouraging students to participate in Inventors Scholarship cum Open Reward Exam (I-SCORE). The objectives of I-SCORE is to identify meritorious and motivated students, then train them to qualify for admission to IITs/AIIMS and other premier engineering I medical institutes of the country.

Our body of research and knowledge is based on the rich experience of our faculty. This makes our I-SCOR Every enriching and action-oriented. It is a unique blend of strategic thinking and pragmatism in implementation.

Students who qualify in I-SCORE will be some of the most sought-after, they are bright and innovative, are grounded well in both theory and practice, have a ‘can do’ attitude. We give you my personal assurance that we at Inventors Education give of our best. If you will too, then without a doubt, together we can conquer the JEE (Main &Advance) I NEET.

“We welcome you to explore the wealth of opportunities at Inventors Education’s I-SCORE.”